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Синопсис 2х04 Downton Abbey- 9 октября


Интервью Джима Картера - небольшие спойлеры


AS Downton Abbey’s loyal butler Mr Carson, he has faced the challenge of running the nation’s favourite household in the darkest days of The Great War.

Специальный Рождественский эпизод еще не снимался, съемки начнутся чуть позже. Действие будет происходить в канун Нового Года 1919-1920. Планируется большой бал для слуг, Карсон, возможно, будет танцевать с вдовствующей графиней.

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Промо 2х04 Downton Abbey


BTS- видео о съемках 2х03 Downton Abbey


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Рождественский эпизод обещают закончить очень драматично

В течении рождественского эпизода произойдет три шокирующих события, а в конце мы так и не узнаем, кто остался жить, а кто погиб. И придется ждать 3 сезон.

Christmas cliffhanger for Downton devotees with viewers not knowing who lives and who dies

Downton Abbey fans can look forward to a dramatic Christmas special, one of the show's stars revealed yesterday.
Brendan Coyle, who plays Bates, the valet, hinted the episode will end on a cliffhanger, with viewers not knowing who lives and who dies – suggesting this series will not be the last.
He said: 'There are three shocking twists in store that no-one could have imagined – including us.
'Wait until you see the Christmas special. You're not going to know ho lives or dies – literally.'
It comes just a week after Michelle Dockery, who plays Lady Mary, teased viewers of the ITV1 drama by saying 'there's a wedding, a funeral and a sex scene and I'm in one of those'.

Asked if the 'will they, won't they' romance between Bates and maid Anna will have a happy ending, Coyle, 47, replied: 'I can't tell you that, but I will say Anna's a very determined woman and isn't prepared to give up Bates.
'There's a spectacular conclusion on its way, so hang on to your hats, folks, you're in for a bumpy ride.

'The whole country seems to be rooting for them.'
Coyle also said he was aware that he had become something of a sex symbol for female viewers.
'It's very flattering. All the women who know me find it hilarious. But it won't last – Dan Stevens (who plays Matthew Crawley) wears a uniform this series, so I'm finished,' he said.


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2 сезон на Downton Abbey на DVD


2 сезон Downton Abbey на Blu-ray и DVD поступит в продажу 7 ноября. Из обещанных бонусов:
"Дом превращается в госпиталь"
"Платья и мундиры"
"Любовь во время войны"
Интервью с кастом и создателями

Предзаказ на Амазоне - www.amazon.co.uk/Downton-Abbey-Series-2-DVD/dp/...

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Пародия на Downton Abbey от BBC


Интервью Алена Лича о любовных переживаниях Брэнсона


Описание 4 эпизода от Global Herald


Краткое содержание 5 эпизода Downton Abbey

Взято с сайта ITV, содержание эпизода, который выйдет 16 октября.

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Ален Лич и Филис Логан в передаче This Morning

Сегодня урожайный день! :flower:
Осторожно - в конце жирный спойлер к 4 эпизоду!


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Экскурсия по Highclere Castle


Проморолики 2х05 Downton Abbey


Синопсис эпизода 2х05 Downton Abbey

Эпизод выйдет 16 октября 2011

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Интервью Джулиана Феллоуза

Julian Fellowes: People wouldn't enjoy Downton Abbey at a glacial paceBut the period drama creator insists that standards have not been lowered to appeal to younger viewers

The creator and writer of Downton Abbey, Julian Fellowes, has defended his hit ITV drama against criticism that the second series is closer to a soap opera than a traditional period piece.

"I have heard that some viewers have commented on the pace at which this series is moving forward," said Fellowes, speaking at a Radio Times Television Tales event yesterday as part of the Cheltenham Literary Festival.

"But people wouldn't enjoy it if it [Downton] moved at a glacial pace", he continued. "I hate dramas where you can go into the kitchen, make a sandwich, come back and have missed nothing, so the pace is fast but no faster than the last series. There may be more characters, locations and story lines in this series which means what we are portraying is denser and may seem faster paced."

"The blood pressure is definitely raised this time round and that stress may well make people feel the pace is faster", added Dan Stevens, who plays heir apparent Matthew Crawley in Downton Abbey.

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Happy Birthday to Dan Stevens!)

Вчера, 10 октября, Дэну Стивенсу исполнилось 29 лет

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История с турецким дипломатом основана на реальном случае

На литературном фестивале в Челтенхеме Джуллиан Феллоуз признался, что случай с Памуком основан на истории , которую его друг обнаружил в дневнике
своей двоюродной бабушки.

It was a the erotic storyline which enticed Downton Abbey viewers in the first series.
Racy Turkish diplomat Kemal Pamuk blackmailed a servant into leading him into Lady Mary's bed where he died in the night.
In a frantic bid to avoid scandal Lady Mary is forced to carry his corpse back to his room after enlisting the help of the countess.
And now Downton Abbey creator Julian Fellowes has revealed the storyline was all true.
Fellowes said the story came from a friend of his wife's who owned a great house.
Speaking at the The Times Cheltenham Literary Festival he said his friend had discovered the family secret after glancing through his great aunt's diary.
He told The Times: 'In the diary was this account of a diplomat. They had a passage that was only for single women. One of them had smuggled this diplomat up to her room and he died,
'He said she was at her wits' end and woke up the matron.'
He added the matron woke up everyone in the corridor and they carried the dead diplomat back into his own room without waking anybody.
Fellowes told The Times: 'And as I heard it, I thought one day this will come in handy.'
His friend then looked in his great-grandfather's diary and saw a very different account of the 'great tragedy' of the passing of the diplomat.
Fellowes told The Times he will enver reveal the identity of the diplomat or the house because he was so grateful to his friend for passing on the secret.

Read more: www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2047714/R...

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Будет ли 3 сезон?

Джулиан Феллоуз признался, что всегда планировал для сериала 3 сезона: первый до конца эдвардианской эпохи, второй - Первая мировая война, а события третьего должны разворачиваться уже в 20-е годы. "Двадцатые годы - это большие изменения, новые изобретения, другие ожидания, и я не могу дождаться момента, когда смогу погрузиться в это", - сказал он. Феллоуз уверен, что канал продлит сериал еще на один сезон.

С учетом высоких рейтингов, надежды на 3 сезон очень высоки.


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Спойлеры к 5 эпизоду Downton Abbey

Сканы из TV choice и TV Weekly - осторожно, раскрываются важные детали сюжета.

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